Internet Consumption Around the World


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Internet Consumption Around the World

2013 marked the first year that there are more mobile internet devices than humans.
How do you consume the internet?

Fixed Broadband:
40% of the world is online through fixed broadband

The Big Picture

Fixed broadband access rates per 100 people:
Developed world: 77
World Average: 39
Developing world: 31

By Households:
41% total
Developed world: 78%
Developing world: 28%

Households out of 100:
Europe 77/100
The Americas 61/100
CIS 46/100
Arab States 34/100
Asia and Pacific 33/100
Africa 7/100

Other devices/connections
25% of the world is on mobile broadband

Share of total mobile subscriptions:
total: 2.070 billion
Americas: 22.2%
Europe: 20.4%
CIS: 6.2%
Arab States: 3.4%
Africa: 4.5%
Asia-Pacific: 43.2%

With smartphones consuming 92% of global data
(Even thought they’re only 18% of handsets)

Video streaming is half of the data transmitted worldwide
And will be 2/3’s by 2017

Average smartphone behavior:
# of times typical user checks phone per day for:[4]
Messaging: 23
Voice Call: 22
Checking time: 18
Music: 13
Gaming: 12
Social Media: 9
Camera: 8
Alarm: 8
News and Alerts: 6
Calendar: 5
Web: 3
Search: 3
Other: 14

And Tablets
Less than 3 years from intro, surpassed desktop PC and notebook shipments

Devices of All Kinds

Number of internet connected devices by household:
America: 5.7
Europe: 10

By 2017:
23% PC’s
5% Smart PC’s
2% Consoles
67% Smartphones & Tablets
3% Other

WHAT we consume

There’s 9x more content online than there was 5 years ago.

Average Number of Online Gamers and Time Spent Per Day
[region/average gamers per day/time spent on average gaming]
North America: 30.3 million/107 minutes per visitor
Latin America: 14.9 million/67 minutes per visitor
Europe: 45.6 million/97 minutes per visitor
Middle East/Africa: 6.2 million/45 minutes per visitor
Asia/Pacific: 47.9 million/47 minutes per visitor.

1/4 internet users uses banking sites globally:
North America: 45% of users
Europe: 37.8% of users
Latin America: 25.1% of users
Asia Pacific: 22% of users
Middle East/Africa: 8.8%

Videos per user per month by country:
Canada: 303.7
U.S.: 286.3
UK: 268.6
Turkey: 250.7
Germany: 250.6
Japan: 222.7
France: 190.1
Spain: 178.6
Hong Kong: 160
Singapore: 153.2

Search and Social Networks

Top Site by Country

Albania: Facebook
Algeria: Facebook
Armenia: Facebook
Austria: Google
Belgium: Google
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Facebook
Croatia: Google
Cyprus: Facebook
Czech Republic: Google
Denmark: Google
Estonia: Google
Finland: Google
France: Google
Georgia: Facebook
Germany: Google
Greece: Google
Hungary: Google
Iceland: Facebook
Ireland: Google
Italy: Google
Latvia: Google
Lithuania: Facebook
Luxembourg: Google
Macedonia: Google
Malta: Google
Montenegro: Facebook
Morocco: Google
Netherlands: Google
Norway: Google
Poland: Google
Portugal: Google
Romania: Google
Serbia: Facebook
Slovakia: Google
Slovenia: Google
Spain: Google
Sweden: Google
Switzerland: Google
Ukraine: Google
UK: Google

Middle East:
Bahrain: Google
Egypt: Facebook
Israel: Google
Jordan: Facebook
Kuwait: Google
Lebanon: Facebook
Libya: Facebook
Oman: Google
Palestinian Territory:
Qatar: Google
Saudi Arabia: Google
Syrian Arab Republic: Facebook
UAE: Google
Yemen: Google

Cameroon: Yahoo
Cote d’Ivoire: Facebook
Ethiopia: Facebook
Ghana: Facebook
Kenya: Google
Madagascar: Google
Mauritania: Google
Mauritius: Google
Nigeria: Google
Reunion: Google
Senegal: Facebook
South Africa: Google
Sudan: Google
Tanzania: Facebook
Tunisia: Facebook
Uganda: Google

Australia: Google
Bangladesh: Facebook
Cambodia: Facebook
China: Baidu
Hong Kong: Google
India: Google
Indonesia: Google
Iran: Google
Iraq: Facebook
Japan: Yahoo
Macao: Google
Malaysia: Google
Mongolia: Facebook
Nepal: Facebook
New Zealand: Google
Pakistan: Google
Philippines: Facebook
Singapore: Google
Korea: Google
Sri Lanka: Google
Taiwan: Yahoo
Thailand: Facebook
Turkey: Google
Vietnam: Google

Argentina: Google
Bahamas: Facebook
Barbados: Google
Bolivia: Facebook
Brazil: Facebook
Canada: Google
Chile: Google
Colombia: Google
Costa Rica: Google
Dominican Republic: Facebook
Ecuador: Facebook
El Salvador: Facebook
Guatemala: Facebook
Honduras: Google
Jamaica: Google
Mexico: Google
Nicaragua: Google
Panama: Google
Paraguay: Google
Peru: Google
Puerto Rico: Google
Trinidad and Tobago: Facebook
US: Google
Uruguay: Google
Venezuela: Google

Azerbaijan: Facebook
Kyrgyzstan: Google
Moldova: Google
Uzbekistan: Google

This is how the world uses the Internet