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The Different Types of International Business Degrees

International business is a popular major for college students looking for multi-national careers beyond borders. Studying international business offers the cultural, managerial, and logistical skills required to help organizations grow abroad. Today’s economy is greatly affected by the relentless pace of expansion and globalization. Therefore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that business jobs will grow by 8 percent through 2024. International business graduates are equipped for diverse career paths like finance, sales, marketing, and personnel administration. According to PayScale, salary potential ranges from $45,000 to $176,000. Earning power will vary depending on which of the following types of international business degrees you choose.

Associate Degrees

Two-year associate degrees offer the first step into an international business career. Junior colleges, vocational schools, and online universities often provide associate programs in international business to introduce basic business skills. Students will fulfill general education requirements while taking valuable career-oriented electives. Accredited associate programs are typically 60 to 65 credits in length, and will transfer seamlessly for bachelor’s study. Entry-level jobs in international business like office manager, sales representative, and administrative assistant will also unlock. Some notable schools offering associate education are:

University of the Potomac – Associate Degree in International Business
Berkeley College – A.A.S. in International Business
Schiller International University – International Business A.S.
Rio Hondo College – Associate of Science in International Business

Bachelor’s Programs

Bachelor’s degrees take four to five years for undergraduate students to complete beyond their high school diploma. Consisting of at least 120 credits, bachelor’s programs blend general education with a major focus in international business and electives. Traditional and online universities confer bachelor’s degrees in international business to open entry- or mid-level positions. Available careers could include business analyst, customs broker, foreign affairs specialist, commodities trader, and tax accountant. Bachelor’s holders can also develop their own global businesses as entrepreneurs. Some notable colleges offering baccalaureate education are:

University of South Carolina – B.S. with International Business Major
Colorado Technical University – BSBA International Business
University of South Florida – Bachelor of Arts in International Business
University of Texas at Dallas – B.S. in Global Business

Master’s Degrees

Graduate schools confer master’s degrees in international business to facilitate advancement in the global economy. International business programs generally fall in two categories: Master of Business Administration (MBA) or specialized master’s. The first builds broad-based business acumen, whereas the second focuses solely on international management. Master’s programs range from 30 to 56 credits based on previous education. Admission will require holding an accredited bachelor’s degree. Progressing forward to graduate school can foster upper-level jobs like management consultant, economist, operations manager, and even CEO. Some notable universities offering master’s education are:

University of Colorado Denver – M.S. in International Business
Liberty University – MBA with Specialization in International Business
University of Miami – Master of International Business Studies
University of Akron – International Business MBA

Doctoral Programs

Doctoral degrees in international business represent the highest, terminal level for study in this discipline. Many graduate schools award PhD or DBA programs in international business for students with management experience. Doctorates are geared towards scholars wishing to consult, supervise, or educate in academia. Since a dissertation is required, doctoral graduates demonstrate high competence for research careers too. Students can complete a doctoral degree in international business within four to six years full-time. The rigorous curriculum may also require qualifying exams, teaching practicum, and studying abroad. Some notable colleges offering doctoral education are:

Rutgers University – PhD in International Business
Walden University – DBA with International Business Specialization
George Washington University – PhD in International Business
Cleveland State University – DBA in Global Business

Traditional vs. Online Learning

Choosing your international business degree level isn’t the only decision though. Emerging Web technology makes it possible to finish international business study via online education. Unlike traditional programs that are scheduled and campus-based, online degrees offer flexibility for completing coursework at a distance. Online international business programs may be synchronous (live) or asynchronous (self-paced) through a 24/7 virtual classroom. Traditional degrees do offer greater opportunity for peer interaction, but online programs are ideal for busy working professionals with limited study time. Online learning can also shave off tuition costs for entering international business careers with greater Return On Investment (ROI).

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