What Can A Degree in International Business Earn You Beyond A Salary?

moremoneyInternational business is a typically underestimated degree among business majors in colleges and universities. This is especially tragic for Americans, since they have to learn more and study more diligently than their European colleagues and other international rivals. Europeans are born into the European Union, and among the many benefits this association entails (besides vastly superior health care and healthier, better food) are a natural training and inborn knack at working across numerous borders, in various languages, and with differing customs and cultures. Because of this, where international business dealings are concerned, American firms are often at a severe disadvantage, as they are typically more insulated and one country oriented.

Since other countries and parts of the world do things differently than in the USA, a degree in international business could be just what the proverbial doctor ordered to be more competitive in an increasingly inter-connected and inter-competing world. Gaining the valuable perspective of different trade regulations, understanding other linguistic and cultural differences, and learning multicultural business etiquette will all aide a person in becoming an effective and competitive business person for the twenty-first century globally connected business world. Below are the five most important benefits that your degree in international business can earn you beyond a steady and significant paycheck. We’re counting them down from 5 to answer the ultimate question: What Can A Degree in International Business Earn You Beyond A Salary?

Benefit Number 5 – The Perks of Expenses Paid International Travel

It used to be said, that to see the world, you should join the navy. It is certainly a different world today. You can still see the globe without money, but the smarter, and more lucrative way to do it is through an international business degree. For starters, you may be able to study abroad as part of your business school training. Once you secure a job in international business, you can expect to do a good deal of international traveling to places as exotic as Latin American and the Caribbean, Great Britain and Europe, and maybe even China, Japan, Australia, and the Orient.

When you do this on behalf of an American or Internationally based company, you have the enormous benefit of not having to pay for the trips. Especially in the increasingly expensive world we live in today, free hotels, airfare, rental cars, and restaurant meals are huge perks of international business trips. This is even more true when you consider popular business destinations such as Tokyo, London, Paris, Brussels, or Rome, where hotels alone can break the your personal bank.

Benefit Number 4 – Improved Knowledge of Global Trade Systems

When you do business in other countries, you will come to understand personally the way that trade and regulations work in those nations and regions. Global trade today is a fascinating, and potentially very lucrative, field to be involved in for yourself. If you learn well your lessons about the various global trade systems you encounter, then you may even find the means to strike out on your own one day in your own international business or global trade venture. At that point, the sky is literally the limit to your opportunities.

Benefit Number 3 – Meeting New People from Other Cultures/Countries

Once you embark on your career as an international business degreed person, you are going to enjoy an enormous benefit of the field— meeting new people from other countries and cultures. There are few better ways to begin an international friendship than through doing business with someone in another country. This also gives you friends to go back to visit in those countries again and again later in life.

You will never gain a better perspective on another culture and country than through getting to known a person born and raised there. If you are extremely fortunate, you may also meet love interests and even potential mates through your international business ventures. Talk about serious benefits of interacting with other cultures.

Benefit Number 2 – Scouting out a Future Home Land

You may have always wanted to live overseas, but you never understood if, and how, you could pull off this expatriating feat without tons of money. The truth is that before you relocate to a better paradise off shore, you need to understand at least something about the place that you are considering for your new home. It is true that you might be able to do this through books, videos, and the Internet, but there is nothing like understanding a foreign country through being there and doing business with its inhabitants to get a true feeling for the soul of a given place. Besides this, with a degree and job in international business, you may find doors open to you so that you can work in that dream country in which you have always wanted to live. This is the financially superior way for working class people to expatriate overseas.

Benefit Number 1 – Learn About New Technology and Materials

No matter how much you think you know, there are always new and exciting subjects about which you can learn more. Technology is always on the march, and the glory days in which the U.S. had a comfortable monopoly on new discoveries and advances are long gone. Through an international business degree and career, you can get to see the exciting breakthroughs in technology that the Japanese, British, Swiss, Brazilians, and European Union nations are pioneering with their scientific, technological, and business endeavors and expertise. What’s not to love about international business?


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