Jobs For International Business Degree Majors and Graduates

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Harvesting bountiful career opportunities worldwide is the biggest motivation for students to select international business majors. Across the globe, accredited B-schools are competitively admitting young hopefuls who are shooting for the stars in today’s multinational market. The good news is an international business background will reward you with wide-ranging job choices from finance to public relations and manufacturing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be 8 percent growth through 2024 for around 632,400 new domestic jobs in business. Entry-level jobs like purchasing agent, actuarial assistant, and sales representative could be ideal for building your resume during school. After graduation, the following are six gratifying, profitable careers available with your international business major.

Logistics Manager

Corporations that stretch beyond borders need to hire skilled logistics managers to coordinate their supply chain from vendors or suppliers to customers. Logistics managers ensure the allocation of materials is suitable for keeping the company’s inventory stocked with product. Their international business knowledge comes in handy for identifying logistical operations that could be improved for faster delivery and better profit. Having a bachelor’s degree and APICS certifications is suggested for the best job outlook. Logistics managers currently report a median yearly salary of $104,827, or $2,016 per week.

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Management Analyst

International business majors are qualified to consult with global enterprises as management analysts and suggest strategies for improved efficiency. Management analysts conduct in-depth studies on business operations to develop solutions that boost revenue and lower expenditures. Whether they’re consulting in healthcare, oil and gas, or retail, they’ll present proposals to senior officials and stakeholders who can then implement their tactics for growth. Graduates would benefit greatly from an MBA and the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) credential. Management analysts reap a median annual wage of $95,738, or $1,841 weekly.

Marketing Manager

Squeezing marketing classes into your international business curriculum could help promote you to marketing manager in a global company. Marketing managers identify effective strategies for promoting products or services in diverse cultures. Working with sales and PR staff is essential for marketing managers to attract customers away from competitors. Marketing managers also evaluate the financial aspects of product development to set profitable prices, so at least a bachelor’s degree is necessary. The median yearly wage for marketing managers is $110,079, or $2,117 per week.

Business Analytics Manager

Many Forbes Global 2000 companies hire business analytics managers to apply statistical methods and gain detailed insight into operational performance. Business analytics managers collect internal and external market data to devise strategic plans for improving procedural policies. Their mathematical job is important for implementing systematic solutions that make departments as efficient as possible. Most hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fields like international business and the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) designation. Business analytics managers report a median annual salary of $113,663, or $2,186 weekly.

Banking Manager

The world’s 10 biggest banks like Bank of China and HSBC Holdings have nearly $26 trillion in assets combined, so banking managers are in demand. Banking managers are international finance gurus who direct their institution’s account policies and initiatives. Some specialize in securities or mortgages while others oversee all banking services. Tasks include training staff, establishing security plans, and delivering customer service. International business bachelor’s or MBA degrees are valuable for learning the varying legal compliance issues with banking across borders. Banking managers claim a median salary of $130,081, or $2,502 per week.

Human Resources Manager

Taking corporate operations abroad will present a slew of staffing challenges that fall on the shoulders of human resources managers. Focused on “human capital,” HR managers work to attract, hire, train, and satisfy a productive workforce where diversity is celebrated. Human resources managers handle everything from conducting interviews and negotiating benefits packages to setting up eLearning workshops and upholding employee labor laws. International business majors should finish a bachelor’s and become SHRM Certified Professionals. The median annual wage for human resources managers is $122,314, or $2,333 weekly.

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Majoring in international business opens countless other doors, such as foreign service officer, interpreter, trade coordinator, accounting manager, economist, business development director, and sales manager. Graduates with an MBA or Ph.D. in international business could even become professors to teach at ranked global B-schools like Hong Kong, Oxford, and Ramon Llull. But the highest-paying job belongs to top international executives. This senior-level category includes an alphabet soup of titles from CEO to CBO and COO. Executives receive supreme authority in directing the policymaking decisions of business departments in various countries. Therefore, top international executives bring home a median yearly salary of $331,932, or $6,383 per week.