What is the Difference Between an Associate Degree in International Business and a Bachelor Degree in International Business?

degrees ibChoosing between an associate’s degree in international business and a bachelor’s degree in international business is a question that is best decided when a student knows the differences between the two degrees. While the major distinction has to do with the amount of time that a degree requires to earn, a bachelor’s degree also offers more education, and students can enjoy a well-rounded liberal arts program.

An associate’s degree in international business usually takes about two years to complete, but the total amount of studies depends on a number of factors. People who take part-time classes may need more than two years, and those who accelerate their education with a full schedule may have their associate’s degree in less than two years. In addition, any transferable credits that a student has earned will also affect the length of time that is required to earn a degree. Students can expect to learn the basics behind management in an international business environment and may take courses that focus on economics, business law, and accounting. To ensure that graduates have outstanding interpersonal communication skills, courses in an associate’s degree program usually cover the foundations with English, math and rhetoric classes.

Basically, an associate’s degree gives students a firm grasp on their field of study. While the degrees do not offer the same knowledge that is found in a bachelor’s or master’s degree, many students use their diploma and find a job as a purchasing agent, sales representative, or manager. In addition, once a person has earned their first degree, it takes less time to graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree in international business usually takes four years of studies at an undergraduate institution. Students can expect a chance to acquire the same knowledge that is offered with an associate’s degree in their first two years. After this, many international business students fine tune their education and choose electives that are ideally suited to a particular career track. Classes in accounting, finance and business law are made for graduates who want to enter the management field. Some schools even offer an internship during a student’s final year, and potential graduates can gain the hands-on experience that is crucial for real-world success.

Creating a business plan is another feature that usually sets a bachelor’s degree apart from an associate’s degree. The plans are essential in the international business world because they help companies create a vision that is designed to help them succeed and attract venture capital. International business plans need to include a company’s competitors, and graduates can use this information to find niche markets that offer profitable revenue streams.

Because a bachelor’s degree is needed before a student can earn their master’s degree, it is also a great stepping stone for professionals who are interested in boosting their earning power. While a number of positions are readily available for students who hold a bachelor’s degree in international business, many of the top-paying jobs are only given to those with an advanced degree, like a master’s of business administration or a master’s degree in international business. With a bachelor’s degree, students can expect to find jobs in the accounting, management and research fields while students who earn their master’s degree can work towards a position as an executive for a large multi-national corporation.

Simply put, a person should make sure that they choose the right international business program for their needs, timeline and budget. The best thing about earning an associate’s degree is that a student can use their credits and work towards obtaining their bachelor’s degree later on. Because so many companies offer paid training, many graduates find a job in the field and take part-time classes during their spare time to work towards a bachelor’s degree.